Hello Everyone,

My name is Su Tan and I am currently living in Washington D.C. I constructed this interactive website to show both the dark and light, as well as the progress being made, to draw an analogy with the healing process of female victims.  I was born in Chongqing, China and have seen horrible things happening around me. The World Bank Group has done tremendous work regarding violence against women and girls.  The impression-based online communications used on this site is intended to inspire, raise awareness, present hard facts, and use digital media techniques to connect the general public with the World Bank’s work and mission.  Instead of going for a neutral tone, I chose a more compelling image with a light touch of art for impression-based branding to present information on this pandemic.

Thank you for your time and you are more than welcome to contact me regarding any questions or issues.


February 14, 2015

Washington D.C.

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